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Recognising Gemini


A Gemini is always youthful looking, energetic, with long slender arms and legs that will never be still. They have bird like eyes and tapering brows on a narrow face. The hair is usually thin. Geminiís are fashionably dressed.


They have dual personalities, and keep switching their personalities quite often. Itís the most talkative of all signs and love debating on any issue that is possible. They do not get jealous if somebody wins over them, though itís a rare case. They enjoy peopleís company where they can make use of their brains to the maximum. They enjoy playing tricks on others, solving puzzles and are born jokers. Their opinions keep changing but will defend each opinion each time.


Gemini is a social sign who continuously needs its mind bouncing with fresh ideas. Gemini loves variety and so giving commitment and settling down with one partner would be rather difficult for them. More important than sexual compatibility is intellectual companionship. This sign hates to become bored. Geminiís are not at all good listeners. They cannot keep secrets. They have highly developed verbal skills. The mind will instantly be processing information from many sources and leaping conclusions that are communicated to everyone who will listen. The mind knows everything but it lacks focus, it cannot do one task for long.


This sign wants to know everything whats going in otherís life but has little empathy or sensitivity. Gemini uses talking as a way of hiding genuine feeling. It is not comfortable with emotions.


  • Creative.
  • Versatile Mind.
  • Highly developed verbal skills..
  • Multi-tasking comes naturally.
  • Generous.


  • Manipulative for self benefit.
  • Prone To Gossiping.
  • Cannot hold secrets.


  • Books.
  • Excitement .
  • Humor.
  • Puzzles.
  • Games.
  • Music, art, theatre.


  • Peace and quiet atmosphere.
  • Feeling of boredness or loneliness.
  • People who are not good listeners.

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